About Us

  • Pre-School Hayes Pre-School in Bromley Nursery Childcare
  • Pre-School Hayes Pre-School in Bromley Nursery Childcare
  • Pre-School Hayes Pre-School in Bromley Nursery Childcare
  • Pre-School Hayes Pre-School in Bromley Nursery Childcare

About The Garden Pre-school

Are you looking for Preschools in Bromley? The Garden Pre-school is a brand new setting in the heart of Hayes welcoming children aged 2-5 years. At our pre-school we want the children to enjoy their time with us and feel safe, secure and happy each day. One of our main aspirations is to foster independence in the children. We achieve this by using a balance of learning styles, play opportunities and support so children show their imagination and use their initiative to solve problems.

All children begin pre-school at different stages of their learning journey and also learn at different rates, so we plan carefully for each individual’s next steps for learning. We feel privileged to play a part in nurturing children with their desire to learn and their natural curiosity about the world around them.

We teach children to respect and understand everyone’s differences. We encourage children to care for the needs and feelings of others, working together to create a happy environment for all. We value strong partnerships with parents and carers through open and regular communication. We believe the children in our care should all be given the best opportunities to thrive in all areas of learning.

Our Aims

Aim 1

To provide a warm, safe, welcoming and motivating environment, the children’s welfare and development being highly valued.

Aim 2

To provide a wide variety of well-planned and organised activities to encourage the development of cognitive, physical and social skills.

Aim 3

To provide a balance of activities:
A) Planning specific learning skills.
B) Providing open ended child led activities.
C) Seeing teachable moments that arise naturally in the day as opportunities for learning.

Aim 4

To encourage the children to be confident, self-assured and independent allowing them to make their own choices, work at their own pace, concentrate, share, take turns and see an activity through from beginning to end.

Aim 5

To foster the children’s natural sense of curiosity in order to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning.

Aim 6

To promote the children’s self-esteem through praise and encouragement.

Aim 7

To demonstrate a real commitment to outdoor learning so that the children respect and understand the natural world.

Aim 8

To encourage children to be kind to everyone.

Aim 9

To respect a child’s racial, religious, cultural and linguistic background.

Aim 10

To establish strong communication with parents in order to understand each child’s needs.

Aim 11

To keep records of the development and progress of all children and feedback to parents regularly.

Aim 12

To encourage the children to take initiative in problem solving.

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

At the Garden Pre-school, Hayes our children learn through play in a safe and stimulating environment. We deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. The curriculum is strongly based on play. Our staff plan diverse activities that are right for each child’s age and stage of development, in order to allow children to develop to their full potential.

Our aim is to make children school ready through a wide range of activities covering the 7 Areas of Learning and Development. These are as follows:


Communication and Language

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development




Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

Each section of the Areas of Learning and Development offers activities and experiences that each child might be involved in as they progress through The Garden Pre-school, Hayes.

Each child has their own learning journal throughout their time with us which parents can access. This enables parents to view observations and assessments made by their child’s key person. It also enables parents to see how well their child is developing in each of the areas above. Parents can leave comments or add observations of their own.


We have an excellent team of experienced and qualified staff here at The Garden Pre-school. Qualifications and courses include, QTS in Early Years, Level 3 in child care, First Aid, Speech and Language Therapy, Behaviour Management, Safe Guarding, Child Protection, Assessment and Monitoring, Special Educational Needs and Disability.

All our staff undertake frequent training and are up to date with the latest EYFS curriculum to ensure we are delivering the highest quality learning environment.

Meet Our Teachers – Coming Soon!